At Our Big Ivy Guns range in Burnsville, we have something for everyone. Whether you're an experienced marksman or a novice wanting to take a conceal carry course, we have something for you. Our range is nestled in Burnsville, North Carolina, just outside of the Greater Asheville Area.

Automated Target Range

In addition to our popular traditional range, we also have an automated target range to test your skills. This interactive range includes 10 single-direction (popup and down) targets as well as 10 dual-direction (popup and down as well at 90 degrees).

Learn more about our targeting system.

Hours of Operation

M-W members only

Day Hours
Mon-Wed Members By Appointment Only
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-5pm

Range With ATS


Range Non-Member Basic Member Premium Member
200 Yard $30 $20 $10
Long Range $40 $30 $20
Skeet/Trap $15 $10 $7.50
Tactical Pistol (ATS Targets Available Upon Request) $35 (1/2 Hour) $30 (1/2 Hour) $25 (1/2 Hour)
Tactical Rifle (ATS Targets Available Upon Request) $50 (1/2 Hour) $45 (1/2 Hour) $35 (1/2 Hour)
1/2 Day Pass $75 $55 $35
Full-Day Pass $125 $100 $65

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Exclusive Big Experiences!

Are you looking for something innovative and challenging? At Big Ivy, you can experience some BIG ADVENTURE! Call us to setup your custom experience!

  • 50 Cal
  • Binary guns
  • Suppressors
  • ATS Targets
  • Tannerite
  • Gnome Hunting

We also offer challenging and fun competitions!

  • Multigun 2/3
  • PRS Centerfire/Rimfire
  • Trap/Skeet
  • Challenge-of-the-month, coming soon!
  • Get it together, man! AR/Pistol

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class

Students will receive an introduction to the NC Concealed Carry doctrine, marksmanship fundamentals, and the law as it pertains to the use of deadly force.